You Are Beautiful But Do You Look Beautiful?

“Beauty lies within the eyes of beholder” Beauty is everywhere you need to have eyes to see that beauty, and every person is beautiful in its own way. But being beautiful and looking beautiful are two different things. You may be beautiful but it is possible that you don’t look beautiful; and their might be some other person who is not as beautiful as you are but looks more beautiful than you. Why is that people looks more beautiful than you when you know that you are more beautiful than them? The answer is that they know how to dress and how to look beautiful.To look beautiful, you have to stay beautiful and staying beautiful is very easy if you know how to do it. It is a well know statement of Calvin Klein, “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” It means that you have to take care of yourself to look your best. Without proper dress and proper accessories, you will never look beautiful whether you are the most beautiful person in the world. To look beautiful it needs some glamour as well and everyone likes glamorous people. To look glamorous needs very little effort. It is misconception among people that only rich people can look beautiful and glamorous but in reality every one can look beautiful and glamorous.It need smart purchasing decisions and choosing right products. Whenever you go outside, the first thing people look about you is your face so the face should look beautiful; the face looks beautiful with little makeup and few accessories. To look glamorous two things are very important one is hairs and other is eyes. Hairs can look glamorous by making some cool hair styles you can pick hair style from any fashion magazine or form internet and ask your hair dresser to make that style, you don’t have to go to expensive hair stylists to get your hairs done. Eyes can look glamorous with very little eye makeup including eye liner and little eyeshade.But if you don’t want to put make up on your eyes than there is even better alternative and that is sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses can make you look glamorous. Different sunglasses are available in market of different prices and different designs. There are different designer glasses also available in market but these are very expensive. You can buy good looking sunglasses at lower prices and still look glamorous and beautiful. And don’t wear dark black sunglasses because by it you will look blind so always wear light shade sunglasses, they are in fashion and looks attractive and glamorous.You can get Aviator Sunglasses from $3 to $272, they are attractive and of good quality as well. Sunglasses are available at different online shopping sites as well, so you can buy it from any good online shopping site.

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